She Stopped To Smell The Flowers

As the sun gleamed down on the window, I sat quietly writing at my computer. The more I wrote the more I was pulled by the sun. It felt like it was inviting me to come out and play. From the minute Jules and I stepped outside, our senses took over. The smell of fresh cut grass was a perfume to my nose. The warmth of the sun comforted my body as the feeling of cool wind waved over my face. My eyes could see the new life of spring starting to come alive. The colors of beauty surrounded us as the rainbow of life was starting to show through the ground. I am Deaf but knew the birds were probably chirping and the bambi and thumpers of the world where playing hide and seek.

As we entered Percy Warner Park the smells of nature took over. Taking our first steps onto the big hill of “steps,” the first thing Jules did was to stop and smell a daffodil. Now, I don’t think daffodil’s have much of a smell, but with every flower and clover we saw, Jules reminded me to stop and breathe in the sweet smells of life. For a service dog, smelling is pretty much her job. She can smell if someone’s blood sugar is low and she can smell if an anxiety attack is on the rise. Yet not too often does she get tickle her nose’s fancy with the scents of  flowers, fresh cut grass, or spring-scented earth.

The sun was out. So, we both felt the warmth of the rays on our back as we hiked around the park. Jules loves the feeling of dirt between her paws and chasing the cherry blossoms as they fall to the ground. As we hiked, every time a gust of wind came upon us she would raise her nose and let the wind catch her hair and let her ears blow sideways. She loved the feelings of wind in her hair and the wind teasing her nose. Don’t believe a dog can smile? You should have been there to see her grin!! Jules felt the complete bliss of the park.

As we got further and further into the park, Jules and I both could look out and see just about every color of the rainbow. The trees had browns and black with some white shading. Flowers were showing off their purples, pinks, blues, and yellows. It seemed as though the flowers had dressed up in their prettiest clothing just for us. We saw the leaves starting to emerge from the branches of the trees in their green and bright green colors. The ground shone with yellow sunlight bouncing off the green grass. And the birds were all shades of reds, blues, and purples, with some yellow in there, too.

With Jules being my ears, I could spot the birds chirping, by seeing Jules marvel at them. I knew the chipmunks where playing tag by the quickness of Jules face as they ran by us. And I could feel the wind as I knew it was blowing and crackling the trees. Of course I don’t hear but I have faith that sounds exist and know that my amazing service dog Jules is hearing these beautiful sounds. I am able to experience sounds by the joy and beauty of my dog Jules, too often her face says a thousand words.

When we can remember to stop and smell the flowers we also enjoy the colors, sounds, and sensations that life has to offer us. I have to say that I have always been considered a colorful person, so, colors are my favorite things. Jules and I both saw many many colors of the park. And we had a blast on our hike around mother nature’s glory. Jules’s advise to you? Take a minute, walk outside, and stop… To smell the roses!!!

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