Springtime on the Avenue

What season is this, anyway?

Well, it’s not snowing (much), so, it can’t be winter. It’s definitely not too hot out, so, we’re not in the dog days of summer yet. This can only mean one thing: believe it or not, spring is in the air.

It’s the most beautiful time of year. The tulips are coming to life, buttercups are emerging from the oddest of places, and the Earth is waking from its winter slumbers. And as we celebrate the new life that emerges within the Earth, we also celebrate and cheer as kids run outside to play soccer, dogs happily romp around smelling the buttercups, and as cute little bunnies and kittens are being born.

This year will be the first spring I have had with my amazing service dog Jules. I can’t tell you how much she is loving this cool fresh air, the green grass beneath her paws, and the new discoveries of flowers. With every flower she meets, Jules stops in her tracks to smell the roses. She has no shame in sniffing every single flower (literally).

Just as flowers are starting to emerge, farmers and gardeners are gearing up for the growing season. “She’s coming alive,” is a phrase I once heard in a movie about Native Americans. It stuck with me over the years and it reminds me of spring. Not only does it remind me of the season we’re currently enjoying, but it also reminds me of my own family history and heritage. My grandfather, Papaw, is Native American and he was a farmer as are my Mom and Dad. It goes without saying that the most important time of year for any farmer is seeing the crops and flowers start to come up. My three nieces, Izzy, Zoe, and Ellenore are just as excited about spring as Jules, Papaw, and Mom and Dad are. Breathing the crisp air sparks fresh wonderment and excitement in my girls. It’s almost as if it gives them a burst of energy. They run faster, smile more, play harder, and sing a happier tune. Spring for the girls always brings new friends, and of course, new games and challenges.

With new life, fresh air, and kids and dogs running wild, I sit here On the Avenue pondering. What can we learn from spring? As Mother Nature has so many lessons she wants us to take from her. We learn to respect our earth, keep her clean, and treat her with kindness. We learn about love and laughter from children and how being an adult doesn’t always have to be hard. And we are reminded that we too were kids at one time. We learn the importance of kindness to the plants and animals around us. And we most importantly learn about love. That loving each other is what really matters in the world.

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